Life isn't measured by the

breath we take but....


the moments that take our breath away! 

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away....


 1200 2 Hours / 1800 3 Hours / 2400 4 Hours / 3600 6 Hours
  ~     600 Hour   


Introduction ~
1.5 Hour 900
2 Hours 1200

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The Nordic Companion ™

 Hello Adorable ~

Juliette is a Nordic born blonde whom is University educated & trains daily for swimsuit competitions to maintain her orchestrated curves (32 G - 15 - 26)....thus, giving her the education and flexibility (wink) to fit into most situations. She stands 5'2 barefoot, has long platinum blonde hair, maintains 115 lbs, and a vibrant, yet sensual persona.... s


Juliette adores turning heads in a crowd and has a terrible naughty side when provoked, otherwise is perceived as classy & elegant. 


Juliette lives in the UK, USA and a few other places she'll whisper into your ear.... 

  #1 Rated Companion Worldwide

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