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Just some FAQ's before we meet ~

If in question about anything please ask! I aim to leave you... ... breathless!

Q: Can I meet you without screening, verifying who I am?
    A: Yes however. a 25% deposit will be required and our time is to be spent in a public place.

Q: Can I meet you privately without verifying who I am?
   A: No.  You wouldn't ask a female friend to meet a stranger in a dark alley, would you?
To g
et verified provide:
Your Full Name
Cell or email linked to your name
Linkedin screenshot or business website
Contact details for 3 ladies to serve as a reference 

Otherwise, please send a picture of your ID. 

Q: Forms of payment  

 A: Cash, Credit Cards (Venmo, Cash APP) & Visa or Amazon Gift Cards.

Q: Where are you from?

 A: Norway.
I've resided in the USA & few other countries for many years. 

Q: Where are you based?
A: Usually I'm in sunny Florida. Quiet little Ormond Beach ~
Albeit I visit Jacksonville every week, Naples monthly, Washington, DC, London & a few other places quite often and would be happy to meet you along the way ... or you can request I visit! I'm a Viking so traveling Worldwide is always welcome!

Q: What languages do you speak?
 A: English, mostly.
Japanese, Norske, Italian, Turkish, fluent but slow.
French, Arabic & Thai, very slow as I don't use much.

Q: Do you accept Video Chats?
A: Yes, happily! My rate is 450 an hour, prepaid. 
It's best to schedule around 8 am so I can set the time aside for you, in my busy day! Thanks!

Q: Do you drink alcohol?
A: Barely but will enjoy watching you enjoy!
I train everyday so it has to be worth it, prefer a delicious Champagne or Big Red Wines (Barolo, La Tour, Cabernet...the kind). Water is really just fine.


Q: Are you really University educated?
A: Yes.
Finance. Hence the "Investor" side of my life. This side of my life, allows me to meet wonderful people & share our time together, in a much different way ... with only the obligation of pure enjoyment. 


Please be respectful & as adorable in person as you were in communicating, to get me to meet you. I'm a tiny person so people running up to me all excited, loud & grabbing me is a bit scary ~ giggle...but I get comfy fast, love to laugh & make new friends! 
If you'd like to shower or brush your teeth I have disposable items just for you ~ make yourself comfy & let's enjoy our time!

Upon the first few minutes of meeting, please provide the Tribute on a table in my sight. 

Deposits are deducted from our time & nonrefundable. Cancellations 24 hours (or less) 100% of our engagement is due. 
Cancellations 48 hours or more & the deposit is applied to a future time.  Cancellations for FMTY 72 hours in advance are applied to future visits.

If you need to check your phone, make calls during our time~ please feel free to do so & let me know so if I need to adjust anything for your comfort (stepping out, turning off music, etc)


I generally have healthy snacks & water, if you prefer something else please advise or feel free to bring your favorite.


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